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The Because Book

For those on a journey to find out why, The Because Book provides answers straight from the heart. Exquisitely illustrated and written by artist/author Trina Uzee, each page contains a gorgeous, hand-rendered design encompassing an important message of inspiration and personal empowerment. We all need to know we matter. We all need to believe that we have power over our lives. The Because Book helps us realize how blessed and extraordinary we all are.  


The Because Book combines the ancient art of batik, drawing with wax and dye on fabric, with timeless affirmations reinterpreted by the author. Uzee infuses each page with her unique spirit of authenticity, creating vibrant illustrated messages like, “Gratitude is contagious BECAUSE it touches everything”, “Be kind BECAUSE there is nothing more important than kindness” and “I am enough BECAUSE I am perfect and a blessing to this world.” Who doesn’t need and crave these messages of love and acceptance? The Because Book is the perfect gift for anyone embarking on a journey of self-awareness — from grads to great friends and family members. 

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